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Jungo puts the power of college recruitment in the palm of a player’s hand. Using coaches’ real-time ratings to create a comprehensive player profile, Jungo seamlessly connects soccer players, clubs, and college programs through one easy-to-use platform.


Quickly complete player ratings and easily track player development year-to-year, while simultaneously and effortlessly providing robust college placement opportunities for each player. Built for ease, Jungo helps clubs and teams prepare players for success at the next level.


Invite your soccer coaches to rate your athletic, technical, and tactical abilities, as well as your impact. Crowd-sourced ratings create an up-to-date player profile that will stay with you over time and automatically recommend and match you with appropriate college programs.

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Real-time player ratings, by trusted coaches, result in a smarter and more comprehensive college recruiting process. Jungo automatically recommends and matches your school with the players you need to help build your college soccer program for years of continued success.


MIChael soderlund, Indiana Men's GOALKEEPER (class of 2011)

"In my college search experience, identifying schools and programs of interest was an exhaustive process. Narrowing down and finding the schools that fit my criteria and ability, took my family and I months of research and communications. Jungo is the answer to both of these time consuming endeavors. Not only would I have been able to zero in on the schools that matched my ability and ambitions, but college coaches would have been able to find me with greater ease through Jungo."

Player Accomplishments:
2011 Idaho Gatorade Player of the Year
2012 NCAA D1 Men's Soccer National Champion
2011, 2014 Sweet 16 Appearances

ROWAN PIERSON, freshman at princeton university

“As a recent high school graduate who will be heading off to play college soccer in the fall, I only wish Jungo was around when I was growing up. It would have given me a big picture view of what all of my coaches thought of me as a player, which would have helped me track my development. Plus, it would have made the college placement process way easier.”

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STEVE LUCAS, WOMEN's head coach at Pacific University

"Jungo is an amazing addition to the recruiting process, on every level of soccer in the country.  The app is built by soccer people for soccer people, which will greatly benefit both the youth player looking to further their career, as well as the college placement directors in the clubs across the country."